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Mortgage Rate Master is here to provide recent and relevant news to home buyers and refinancing households. The mortgage and real estate markets can change daily. It is our goal to create a free resource where consumers can get the greatest value from one of the biggest transactions of their lives - buying or refinancing their home... We strive to help our readers find the right time to buy or refinance a home, while also offering additional savings tips to help protect American Homes and the families that live in them.


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Mortgage Rate Master makes money by connecting a small percentage of readers to mortgage lenders and some additional brands that help homeowners.

Readers can use the website free of charge, and without being connected with a lender. However, some readers want  immediate help with a rate quote or home-buying eligibility check . For them, we provide opportunities throughout the website to request a call.

Mortgage Rate Master does not represent any single bank or mortgage company but works with many licensed, reputable, and nationally known sources to provide the audience the best experience in mortgage shopping.

The consumer is the winner at Mortgage Rate Master..  If you choose to contact our lender-partners, multiple lenders (but never more than four) can contact the reader with their best mortgage offer for each reader's unique situation...

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